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Posted By: okthen
17-Dec-03 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Huntley Guilty
Subject: RE: BS: Huntley Guilty
I would normally apply the "benefit of doubt" but I could not accept his version of events, and it appears 11 of the jurors couldn't either, I wonder how that 12th juror feels, now that his previous record has been revealed.
I ALMOST felt sorry for him when I learned his wife of a few days ran off with his brother, and that his mother left his father to live with a (female) security guard, but not sorry enough matter, there are plenty of people who have suffered far worse and still become responsible members of society.
I hope the Home Office learn from this and that some criteria is more important than abiding by the data protection act. It is (IMO)pathetically incompetant that details of sexual offences should be withheld from other police forces when doing background checks for people working with children. These inadequacies were well known but nothing was done, I hope someone better informed than I can tell me when "criminal incompetance" applies.