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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
17-Dec-03 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Huntley Guilty
Subject: RE: BS: Huntley Guilty
Too many "perhapses" there, stated or implied, Van. "Perhapses" aren't enough when it comes to jail.

But the main issue is, as Harvey pointed out, what is wrong with a system where a man with so many suspicious things in his record could get a job as a school caretaker? In that context, "perhapses" carry more weight.

I think that the whole business of writing references needs a thorough reappraisal. My experience is that people are frightened and advisedly so, of writing honest references. They get written in a coded form, so if you're trying to fill a job you learn to read between the lines, which in itself can lead to unfairness and misunderstanding. If there's no mention of someone being honest this can be taken as an indication that the writer thought they were dishonest, but was too circumspect to say so. But of course it might mean have meant nothing of the kind.

I'd like to see a system where honest references would be privileged. People should have a legal right to see what has been written about them, but only when there is clear evidence of malice and distortion is a reference should there be any comeback for the writer. (And if there is evidence proving such malice or distortion the penalties should be serious.)


Now for some thread drift - maybe it belongs in a new thread:

I'm not with Harvey though, when it comes to speeding and speed traps. Speed limits, in my experience, are not set too low, and they should be adhered too. In fact much of the time they are too high, especially in towns.

If people choose to break the limit, and they get fined for it, tough. If the effect of that is to raise money, that's killing two birds with one stone. We need money to spend on public services, and if motorists in a hurry feel like contributing, that seems OK ("Fine for them, fine by me".)

I'm against having some speed cameras placed preferentially in places where they can't be seen, in the hope of catching people. No, I'm in favour of all speed cameras being concealed, so that there's no point in trying to look out for them and drive slower in their vicinity.   

Actually I'd really like some kind of onboard system to identify speeders. Augmented by a siren on the roof to alert people.