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Posted By: harvey andrews
17-Dec-03 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Huntley Guilty
Subject: RE: BS: Huntley Guilty
Yes Alanabit, I accept your stricture. To expand my point..The harrassing of motorists with cameras in places where they are obviously put to raise revenue rather than save lives is a scandal. As a regular traveller to gigs I see this more and more. The police are given revenue targets to reach and the man hours and technology necessary to reach these targets means other things go by the board. In this case what's gone by the board should be the sole raison d'etre of the police force, and two girls have died simply because of their incompetence.More and more the police are undertaking tasks that take them further and further from their point of origin. People want protection of life and property and the arresting of those who threaten them as the major priority of policing, not the getting of a sixty quid fine for driving at 33 in a 30 mile zone.If needs be let's have a new force to deal with travellers and release the police to do what they should be doing every minute of the use soapspeak.."catching villains"!