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Posted By: Eddie (Code name "figment")
21-Aug-99 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Please welcome my friend, Eddie
Subject: RE: BS: Please welcome my friend, Eddie
Greetings fellow Mudcat-ters - how the hell many of you are there out there?? Took a while but wanted you all to know that Katlaf is not hallucinating - she really does have a friend named Eddie! Delighted in a way that it took me so long to get in the loop - or whatever it is I've gotten myself in to!! Had I dropped in sooner, doubt I would have been treated to several little poems and related good tidings I found reading all of these threads (yup, took a while but I just read every one of them). Now I understand why Katlaf hooked me up - knowing as she does that I am a bit, well, unusual and that finding like-minded characters here in ethereal Northern CA is a genuine challenge, she thought she'd introduce me to some equally unusual (OK, in a couple of cases - and you know who you are - even more unusual) characters in cyberspace! In any event, wanted to at least assure all those doubters out there that the Katlaf speaks only truth - she told me to tell you all that or I'd be in serious trouble!! Henceforth (see, he uses big words too), I shall be known in the Mudcat Tavern (I'll yake two very dry martinis, shaken not stirred, two olives) as Figment, as a reminder to those Katlaf doubters out there, whereever in the world that may be!! Later.