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Posted By: Two_bears
10-Dec-03 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Obit: My Wife
Subject: RE: Obit: My Wife
> Nothing I've read here seems harmfull, Only people triing to be
> helpfull! And Heide was quite often My "brain" Iv'e lost that and

Aloha nui loa David; my brother.

I certainly meant nothing harmful. I just wanted the other well intending indivisuals to give you some space until you were ready to share stories.

Everyone deals with grief differently and according to their own time table, and people going through grief should be supported, but should not be rushed along the grieving process according to someone else's schedule.

> She had a lot more spirituality than me and I don't know what to
> believe in now!

Assorted forms of spirituality were formed according to the varying levels of awareness of the people that founded them.

The assorted forms of spirituality are different, but there is not one true faith, and all of the others are wrong (as my guardians believed).

I would suggest that you explore several forms of spirituality, and follow the tradition that answers your spiritual questions.

Two Bears.