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Posted By: Midchuck
07-Dec-03 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: Formica Martin Festival friend -
Subject: RE: Formica Martin Festival friend -
wood is wood and will-out

I tend to think that the best acoustic guitars will alway be wood.

But good tonewoods are getting rarer and rarer - thus more and more expensive - all the time. The great majority of all "wood" guitars are actually laminates - glorified plywood - on the back and sides at least. And a lot of them are pretty damn good instruments. And a fine wood guitar is fragile.

If I want to take a guitar to a folk or bluegrass festival, and wander around in the dark with it slung over my shoulder, looking for an interesting jam, getting rained on a drop or two, tripping over tent pegs or maybe just over my own besotted feet, bumping into people who may have drunk enough that one good bump makes them lose it all; then I would be seriously interested in an instrument that gives up only a little of fineness of tone (that I couldn't hear anyway in that environment), in exchange for lower price and greater durability.

I'm very interested in the Rainsong and CA guitars, but their prices are right up there with the good wood ones. I've played the wood-topped Martin formica instruments, the -X1 models, and to me their tone is good enough for about 85% of the playing I do in real life.

Unfortunately, they haven't come out with any with a proper (1 3/4" or wider at nut) neck yet. When they do, I may well dive for it.