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Posted By: Rick Fielding
18-Aug-99 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Please welcome my friend, Eddie
Subject: RE: BS: Please welcome my friend, Eddie
Ms. Laughing. NOBODY'S work schedule is THAT hectic! I mean look at us. Do you not think that we also have incredibly busy workloads? Here's Peter T re-writing the classics and going to every bad film in town..AND he's putting in 19 hour days at the Corporate Bird Cage Factory!

And then there's Mick. (is that a Bick in your pocket, or are you just here to light my fire?) He's been slaving 25 hours a day negotiating a settlement between the Wobblies and the IRA. Still he has the time to spell the word Alison in every colour of the rainbow!

Well now, what can we say about Catspaw, other than he's never done a lick of work since 1978! But busy? You bet he's busy. Hauling his little possum ass across international borders isn't busy? Not to mention his other endeavors like building dulcimers from balsa wood, hubcaps and woven nasal mucus. That's a pretty busy boy, and HE still finds time to post one or two things a week!

No, Kat. I'm afraid the sad truth is that Eddie just doen't know how to manage his time properly. I do believe he exists however, the same way I believe the Warren Commission, and that Hillary Clinton is a genius in cattle futures.

Rick (who obviously has NO spare time)