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Posted By: Mooh
25-Nov-03 - 09:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nest - Empty or full?
Subject: RE: BS: Nest - Empty or full?
Full, with wife, two kids, dog, cat, clutter, and guitars. Don't think the guitars will ever leave home for good.

My eldest is considering her post-secondary school choices, mostly universities within 3 or 4 hours drive because she wants (so far) to be close to home. It'll break me heart, however proud I am of her, to see her go. She has made sure already that it'll be okay if she wants to return at any time. I have no expectations of anything either way, but would rather see her comfortable here than starving anywhere else. My youngest is still in elementary school.

My kid sister returned home after she took her degrees, and after Dad died and Mum (her spelling) had a stroke, sis bought a house and had Mum move in with her. No one in this family seems to be able to imagine life without each other close at hand, or at email. When we talk retirement it usually involves relocating closer together if possible, though I wonder what will really happen.

I stayed in my parent's home for 4 years after high school, floundering around between gigs, bands, parties, girlfriends, and jobs. It was a great place to flop with lots of privacy, cool liberal minded parents, cheap room & board, and great meals. I left for the wrong reason, chasing a girl, which I regret now. I was too selfabsorbed at the time to see how my departure affected my folks...I know they cried when my siblings left. I did work hard for the folks while I was under their roof, chores and favours daily, and I liked it. It was cool to know my parents that closely as a young adult.

I don't expect my kids when grown to remain or to return home, but at this time I think it would be okay. I like having them around.

Now if the cat wanted to leave for good I wouldn't mind.

Peace, Mooh.