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Posted By: Peace
24-Nov-03 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Marminator
Subject: RE: BS: The Marminator
It's all Rapaire's fault. Sorry buddy, but I can't take the rap for this. Too many starlets waiting in the wings. At my age, this could take a while. I hope you understand.

Stupid of me to mention the unmentionables. That's code for unowatt. That's code for uno. That's code for we better stop talking about whatever we're talking about that was caused by whomever. That's code for all you guys and gals at Echelon. We're with you. We support whatever it is you do. Don't actually tell us what that is, unless you put it in c##e. In fact, the typo that said thermo-nukes should have read thermal-cukes. We're trying out a new recipe for C U C U M B E R S. With a one letter transposition, read it D V D V N C F S T.

On second thought, Rapaire, I'll take the rap. My knees gave out; sorry. No blindfold, you know. Must stiffen the old upperlip.

And in the words of WC Fields (for my friends at Echelon), "On second thought, G V D L 'F N."