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Posted By: Alaska Mike
21-Nov-03 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nest - Empty or full?
Subject: RE: BS: Nest - Empty or full?
Hi Mmario, we have five children ages 27, 25, 23, 21, and 20. The only one that has not moved away from home is the 20 yr old. He decided not to go to college yet. He works full time, pays a trifle for room & board and seems quite happy to be where he is.

When my eldest finished college she got an apartment and started working full time. When her student loans came due, she moved back in with us to reduce her expenses so she could pay off her loan. She is planning on moving out again in the spring of 2004.

My second child got married at 17 and moved to Germany for three years. She and her family now live in Anchorage in their own house and visit with 2 of my grandchildren once in awhile.

My third daughter went off to college in Pennsylvania and had almost finished her bachelor's degree when she too ran out of money and moved back home. She is also working full time and living at our house and will probably go back to finish her degree next fall.

My 21 yr old son got married last year and he and his family (1 grand daughter) recently moved down to Oregon where he has not been able to find a job. They are thinking of moving back to Anchorage or perhaps further south to New Mexico.

So currently I have 3 adult children living at home and 2 living on their own. I'm not sure how this compares with others, but I am very glad to have 4 of my kids close enough to see nearly every day. I talk to my son in Oregon quite often and will be ready with the checkbook if he should need a helping hand.

Our children are the greatest thing to ever happen to my wife and I. We are devoted to them in every way. Our children are intelligent and confident in themselves. Although each is quite different, they all possess compassion, inquisitiveness and an understanding of right and wrong. When they choose to fly away, I am saddened and excited for them at the same time. We have never pushed them into things, and we always try to assist them in whatever they decide to do.

Best wishes,