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Posted By: Peace
21-Nov-03 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Marminator
Subject: RE: BS: The Marminator
Dear Liz the Squeak, Little Hawk, MMArio, RangerSteve,
Rapaire, McGrath of Harlow, John Barden, Bee-dubya-ell, jacqui c, Amos, muppet, and our spiritual leader, Robert Nobutuhane:

If the movie craps out, I think we oughta start a new religion.

To the donating public: We are not insistent that the donations people send MUST be spent on a movie. We are flexible. (You'll notice that in the SFX SEX scenes.) If you would rather we spent the money on other things, we'd be more than willing to do so. On that, we are not rigid. And speaking of which, is there any chance we can get the Nude Photographer from another thread to do the camera work?

Rapaire, please tone down the stuff to do with llamas. The cattle industry may want a piece of the action, and we don't want any complaints from the wool people or animal protection agencies. Don't mean to sound bossy about this, but if any federal agencies find out what we're doing, Little Hawk could get in deep dung. I've been signing all the cheques with his name! So far we've spent a trivial $73,000,063 on the set (in a secret location--but it has a hot tub and big-screen TV). I was able to buy the dog house that the religious fundamentalist had built years ago. His cost was about $12,000, but for a kickback of 60%, he let us have it for just under thirty-five million--and he threw in the dog. Been bargaining hard.

I want to begin the starlet interviews soon, so I have purchased stock in Ginseng futures. Hope you guys don't mind. We'll have to get a firmer plot, but things are shaping up just fine. We have a hit on our hands here.