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Posted By: Peace
20-Nov-03 - 04:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Marminator
Subject: RE: BS: The Marminator
Ah, man, we have died and gone to heaven.

We gotta write to Robert right away. We can still do the Marmil-AID concert, but we should get the Lagos cash ASAP. With that kinda money, we can buy off the censors. (Truthfully, you could buy me for half of that amount. I'm easy but I ain't cheap. And I'm as honest as a good politician: once I'm bought, I stay bought.) The SFX SEX scene is too exciting. My breath is coming in short pants--jodpers, actually. Ease up a bit there, Rapaire. Kids read this stuff, too.

Mr Nobutuhane: We are yours to command. Tell us how to follow up on this transaction. Our fax machine has been destroyed by the prototype of the Marminator, so we are really f####d in that department. To get the cash, what else would you suggest. We'll give you a credit in the movie. (For that kinda money, we'll throw in Disneyland or Washington, same thing.) Get back soooooon.