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Posted By: GUEST,Robert Nobutuhane, Lagos
20-Nov-03 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Marminator
Subject: RE: BS: The Marminator

You may be sruprised to recieve this communication from me because you do not know of me, but I am the controller of a prestigious import-export house in Lagos, Nigeria. It so happened recently that my uncle, Kimu Nobutuhane died tragically due to Marmite attack, leaving his entire fortune of $976 Billion in limbo with the Investors' National Bank of Lagos, a prestigious banking firm with a rock solid reputation all over the World.

Due to the Marmite connection, and the fact that Rapaire's name coincides with the name of my uncle's only heir (who disappeared fifteen years ago without trace while photographing lions in the Serengeti), I have the idea that we could facilitate the transfer of the $976 Billion to Rapaire's North American bank account, upon the condition that Rapaire receives 33% of it as compensation for the service of releasing these funds. This would amount to $322,080,000,000 in US dollars being retained by Rapaire, while the rest would be returned to the account of Robert Nobutuhane in Nigeria.

We have to put a condition on this arrangement that at least half of the $322 Billion be used to finance your movie "The Marminator", so that the World public be alerted to the great danger posed by Marmites.

We are depending on you to be honest and return the remaining 67% of the funds ($653,920,000,000 US dollars). We believe that you are sincere honest people who would not cheat us.

Accordingly, please contact us ASAP by fax at 1-800-BIG-LOAD and we can take the next procedural steps in this arrangement.

We thank you in the name of the Lord Almighty for being our compassionate rescuers in time of need!!!


Robert Nobutuhane
Lagos, Nigeria