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Posted By: Peace
16-Nov-03 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Subject: RE: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
As long as everyone's havin' a good time. Some words are plain and simple loaded. As the language changes, and the usage of words in the language, and the company one keeps changes, so too does our use of words. Today, "I want no potatoes" carries the same meaning as "I don't want no potatoes." But, there isn't really any way to make certain words nice or acceptable. Dick Gregory entitled one of his books "Nigger." The dedication to his mom read, "The next time you hear the word, they're advertising my book" (or words to that effect). Some parts of the language carry overtones of lots of other stuff. Five hundred years ago, telling someone her hair was awful was a compliment. It then meant 'awe-inspiring'. Today, it's a whole other thang. When Agatha Christie first released the novel entitled "And Then There Were None," it was entitled "Ten Little Niggers" (in reference to the term the Brits used for Indian people (from India)). Obviously, that wouldn't fly in the USA, so the title was changed to "Ten Little Indians." When the times changed, the book was re-released as "ATTWN". We have a shift happening with regard to the ways we would prefer to be called. That's what our names are for. Having said the above, I shall shut up for a bit.