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Posted By: Bobert
15-Nov-03 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Subject: RE: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
"Democratic structure", musicmic? Haha... That's all it is. Structure. 93% of the folks who had the most *money to spend in the '02 elections won... This ain't got one danged thing to do with structure... Jus' money and a bunch of folks too buzy trying to get to the next payday to have the time to actually dealve into the issues so they just vote for the person who has been on TV more or has more signs on the side of the road... This ain't democracy... You want democracy, then support publicly financed elections with no outside money.... period.... Until then, you'll get Boss Hog's boys 93% of the time.... Guarenteed!