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Posted By: musicmick
14-Nov-03 - 01:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Subject: RE: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
I propose that we all need a dose of perspective. The American rap sheet in the area of race relations is not a source of pride but there are a few caviats in the mix. First, America was the first great society that was not mono-ethnic. When a France or a Sweden clucks disaproval, it should be remembered that their record of minority involvement is unsullied because they had no significant minority population. (France's behavior toward the Algerian imigrants is not the stuff of bragging rights). Second, America is the first great open society. We are embarassed about our money based values but they are a hell of a lot more egalitarian than the values of the societies that preceded us. In other lands, one's future was determined by one's past. It may be unlikely that a poor American will become a rich American but, at least, it is possible. We rejected the age old concept of monarchy and Official religion. We set up safeguards to limit the power of the government. (If you think our government is currupt, try living in another country. If you think our freedom is under attack, check out the civil liberties available elsewhere). People, we need a reality check. I'm not suggesting that protest and opposition are out of line. They are needed to maintain our revolution and our dream. But protest without perspective is just jeers from the cheap seats.