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13-Nov-03 - 08:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Subject: RE: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
The US is now, and nearly always has been, ruled de facto by oligarchy. One reason why Clinton was so despised by the right, is that he was an interloper--not an oligarch.

"Democracy" is currently being defined (not to mention shoved down our throats) by the political/media oligarchs as voting and soldiering. In other words, democracy is being defined by the true rulers as a constant state of war. We declare wars on everything, especially in advertising and politics.

But the truer sort of democracy--the sort Walt Whitman (think what the world might look like if poets were our leaders!) might have dreamed of, has a much higher cost for humans (fear of the different notwithstanding). That cost is daily citizenship.

I love the US, but I hate the political and (anti) intellectual culture of the South's European Americans. Cracker politics isn't something I think our nation should be aspiring to, and I was mightily disappointed with Howard Dean's suggestion that we need to welcome cracker politics into the tent.

The US is the most militaristic warrior culture the planet has ever seen. The measure of patriotism now is merely who can we kill and who can we beat. One is suspect if one's patriotism is expressed through any other institutions but the military.

I am not one to run around screaming the sky is falling. But I do definitely see US society today as being in it's self-destructing death phase. I believe we will have civil war in this country, and that it will once again be split largely along the same lines as our last civil war. I believe I could yet live to see it happen in my lifetime. But I consider that to be a positive outcome, not a negative one. There is no way southern cracker culture can maintain and hold itself together as a nation. That is their delusion, and the manipulation of the political/media oligarchs.