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Posted By: musicmick
11-Nov-03 - 01:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Subject: RE: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Dear Bobert, I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings but it's time you knew the reality of popular politics. Most folks are conservative in the sense of trusting their leaders and institutions, even though leaders and institutions are historicly untrustworthy. Folks, for the most part, just want to get along and go along. We will almost always opt for the status quo (the devil they know). We are suspicious of change and we fear the radical firebrand. We cling to our traditions and our traditional values. Sectionalism and its big brother, nationalism are unifying and comforting. We are, after all, just wandering creatures in an eerie world, so those of you who are more enlightened will have to be tolerant and those of us who are mere mortals will have to cower and cringe in the consolation of our majority.