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Posted By: Bobert
09-Nov-03 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Subject: RE: BS: Modest Proposal to end the civil war
Well, in reality the "civil war" never really ended but has just evolved and but there's always been a little fire under the pot...

Recently, it would appear that the South is way ahead with so many folks attention drawn away from a perticipatory democracy toward Budweiser, country music and NASCAR...

And this was bound to happen because folks really never "got along" to well. The actual killin' part of the not getting along, from 1st Manassas to Appomatox should never have occured and wouldn't have occured had Lincoln not played brinkmanship. (kinda like Bush in a way when he demonizes folks with educations and different visions).

Then there was an 11 year occupation of the South by *know it all* Yankees which was like kickina a mna when he's down... Then an abandoment by the Yankees purdy much as Jim Crow came to towns through out the South, and then the Dixiecrats and now the Southern Stategy, where to take the White House one must pander to redneck America.

I like the "modest proposal" idea myself. No, not about eating babies but maybe it is time for another constitutional convention, just to get folks attention on the other side and to wake up Americans.

It's strange to read this this morning because the P-Vine and I were talkin' last night about just how fascists America is becoming and just how corrupt the Republican Party is and we have at least raised the possibility of not being able to stay here in America. Oh, sure, it would be so difficult to give up what we;ve worked a lifetime to have but living in a police state is kinda hard to swallow... We're going to do what we can to get Bush out but if he takes the '04 Selection, then I'd say America hasn't seen anything yet. We will all be forced to spend our Sundays watching cars drive in circles just to pretend to be part of the "in crowd"...

Kinda like 1937 Germany... You certainly don't want to be perceived as not being in the "in crowd"... No sir..