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Posted By: Bill D
14-Aug-99 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Help: Personal Songbook question
Subject: RE: Help: Personal Song Book question
Tiger..ah, such a delicate point..we have in our circle those who ALMOST never use books or cheat sheets, those who can't seem to do without them, and those(like me) who sometimes keep a little copy near...just in case...the thing is, we usually have a topic for our sings, to encourage variety and the learning of new songs, but that means, when the topic is "Songs of Dismemberment", someone may discover a wonderful maiden-chopping ballad 5 days before the sing...and just CANT learn it in time..*grin* we are reasonably tolerant.

We have, in the past, put notices in the newsletter 'urging' folks to learn and practice their songs before coming, but there are NO 'official' prohibitions against anything. My opinion is, if someone basically knows the tune, and can manage to sing the song without pauses, backups, awkward grasping for meter, etc...then I won't grump TOO loud...but people should remember...singing in/with a group should bring pleasure, not embarassing wrestling with some song you have barely looked at before, just because you want to 'contribute'. We do have a rule, that if you know OF a song you can't really do, you may use your turn to ask for it...and there is often someone there who can sing it just fine. There will NEVER be an easy solution to this situation in a group with mixed experience and talent....and I do know several friends who simply will not attend a sing where everyone is not 'good'. *shrug*, I am average, so I am picky, but not adamant.