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Posted By: AllisonA(Animaterra)
01-Nov-03 - 04:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bereavement
Subject: RE: BS: Bereavement
Nancy, I would love it if you could get me the words.
My goodness, I'm spending more time here again! For two years I barely "lurked", since my time and energy was occupied with Byron. Now, at least on weekends, I'm hanging here much more.
Went to Brattleboro VT to see the Green Mountain Mummers do their annual mummer's play. It's fun and funny and features a long and wonderful sword dance, two very funny fools, and a "plant", someone different every year, who dies and is resurrected. I didn't know how it would be for me to witness death and resurrection, even in such a slapstick way, but except for one or two tough moments, I really enjoyed myself- laughed out loud several times.
Went to lunch with a dear friend, ran a bunch of errands, finally headed home. Was hit broadside 2 miles from home by torrential sobbing- I almost had to stop the car (yes, pdc, I probably should have stopped the car.!) In about 2 minutes it was over. It wasn't until just now that I realize that the sobbing lasted the time it took me to approach and pass by the road to Byron's house.
Tonight I'm going to a concert of Cape Breton music at the local town hall. A friend is coming here to share a dinner that another friend dropped off; we'll go to the concert together.
Tomorrow, All Soul's Day, my closest women friends are going to gather and offer me healing and love. I am truly blessed.