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Posted By: kendall
01-Nov-03 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Whats worse than Bush in 2004
Subject: RE: BS: Whats worse than Bush in 2004
pdq, the fact that you like my music says a lot about you!
Now, let me set the record straight. I do not, and never have hated all republicans. I disagree with their party policies that's all.
As for my own history, I was a Barry Goldwater republican in the 60's. I almost became a John Bircher. I voted for Nixon...TWICE! I cast my very first vote for Eisenhower. I voted for George Bush the first when he ran against Reagan in the primary.
Slowly, I began to wake up and resent tax cuts for the rich, cuts in social programs, butchering veterans benefits to pay for those tax cuts. Bush has to pay back his contributors, and he is doing it on the backs of the poor, a tack the republicans are very good at.
I don't hate George Bush, I don't hate anyone, but I do detest his politics, and I resent the fact that with the help of Jeb, Katherine Harris and the supreme court, he was able to get appointed president. He now has gotten us into one hell of a mess, and he is too damned arrogant to get us out of it.
Have you noticed the lack of news coverage on the coffins and body bags coming home? He has forbidden the media to show this, because, he learned one thing from Viet Nam, that kind of coverage was what turned Americans off the war. I see him as an incompetent nincompoop, but, Cheney is dangerous, and Ashcroft is a power hungry meglomaniac.
Colin Powell, I like.
end of rant.