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Posted By: Allan C.
12-Aug-99 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: Help: Personal Songbook question
Subject: RE: Help: Personal Song Book question
Chet W., you'd be on your toes too if you had shucked out over two hundred thousand (not including court fees, etc.) on a lawsuit like Kinko's did in 1988. All of us in the copy and print business are pretty wary about the copyright issues.

SeanM, those little reinforcement discs (at least all I ever used) become unglued after a few months or even less if exposed to a lot of humidity. Also, they add considerable thickness to the stuff you are binding in the very place that you would want to reduce it.

As to suggestions having to do with actually using a notebook while performing - personally, I am aghast at the very notion! I would never (unless inebriated) attempt to perform a song that I didn't know SOLID. Admittedly, I use some small memory-jogging notes taped to my guitar. But, generally when I screw up a song, it is beyond redemption and I usually think of something else to do.

Besides, even having the sheet music sitting right in front of me appears to do me no good at all. I sang "Evergreen" at a wedding once and created two rather novel verses toward the end of the song. I had looked up at the bride and groom at a poignant part of the song and when I looked back at the music, I could not find my place. So what else is there to do? I faked it. Only the diehard Streisland fans noticed anything was amiss. (Unfortunately, one happened to be my wife at that time who did her best [for YEARS!] to help me to remember this incident in vivid detail.)