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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
30-Oct-03 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Subject: RE: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Funny the difference a nought can make, when it looks like just a nothing.

The concept of a basic income would be that it applied to everyone, not just to unemployed people. That's mean the differential was built in to start with. So in the case Ebbie mentioned, the person getting $40 dollars and hour would be getting $40 plus the $10 an hour the unemployed person was getting.

There would be an inflation effect - but it should be a one-off, rather than continuing. Rather the way the shift to decimal currency here had a one-off inflation effect. And the basic income would need to be inflation-proofed in any case.

If some time a scheme along these lines can get tried out somewhere, it'll be very interesting to see how it works out. Mind, I suspect that all hell would break loose with sanctions and all. If it worked out well a lot of people and organisations would feel very threatened by it - "the danger of a good example" - so they'd feel obligated to ensure that it didn't work out well.