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Posted By: Brendy
29-Oct-03 - 05:20 AM
Thread Name: Re-fretting guitars
Subject: Re-fretting guitars
The old Washburn needs re-fretting!

The way it has always worked with me, is that I get the thing done, and within a few months of fairly hefty playing; capos being placed everywhere up to the 10th fret, the old lady starts to ever so slightly buzz.

I use a .60 for my bottom E, and a .17 for my top E (this is because I generally have the axe tuned open).
That in itself is enough to saw through even the hardest of fret-wire.

My question is, is there a really heavy duty fret-wire out there, that could be relied upon to stand up to a bit of hardship?
I'm heading to Ireland tomorrow for a month, and would leave the machine in with an instrument maker friend of mine.
I'm sure he would know himself what material to use, but if there were any suggestions from the good folks at Mudcat, I could go to him with a bit more knowledge of the subject.

Thanks in advance.