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Posted By: Chet W.
12-Aug-99 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: Help: Copyright Restrictions..What are they?
Subject: RE: Help: Copyright Restrictions..What are they?
Gary, This subject has come up many times in this forum. Just put "copyright" in the thread search filter and it will give you several threads to look at. About your specific questions, I can give you some guidance (get it verified!). If you own or are renting/borrowing a hall or whatever space to put on a show and you take in money in any fashion, then you owe royalties, usually to ASCAP or BMI, who then occasionally share part of it with the songwriters. Don't print lyric sheets for songs that are copyrighted. If they are traditional or the copyright is out of date then you owe nothing. If you are just the performer you owe nothing; The owner or temporary holder of the venue has that responsibility. If you ever make recorded versions of the music for sale, then you owe royalties, but not if they are given away. There is an agency you can contact, the Harry Fox Agency, to find out who wrote or holds copyright on just about any song, and you might try contacting the composers directly to ask for permission to use. On one or more of the previous threads, there are links to websites that give a lot of information on copyright. These laws are very complex, often don't make a lot of sense, and you can't presume to be im compliance by using common sense. And boy can they come down on you if you are in violation, so be safe.

Good luck, Chet