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Posted By: GaryD
12-Aug-99 - 12:17 AM
Thread Name: Help: Copyright Restrictions..What are they?
Subject: Copyright Restrictions..What are they?
Hello Again!... It is good to be back...Wow, the new format changes are neat..I'll have to play around here awhile next time...! However, right now I need to find out some information about the use of Mudcat material. I know you went through a lot to get permission to post the great DT & this forum without getting hung by copyright problems. I use the songs just for singing with my friends, non professionally, so I don't there is any problem there.

However, I have a friend who belongs to a non profit organization who wants to use the songs to sing at family life type convention.

Can we do so, and if we can, can we print the words to be used as handouts so the audience can sing along?

What if the organization was non profit?, or for profit? or if it is non profit, they still collect money for the convention fees, but we are not selling music, or the songs?

Do we have to give the author/artist/or source credit? What about permission? Do we have to contact author/artist/source, or agencies such as ASCAP to use the material in such manner?

Any clarification of these issues would be great.. Take care & Keep on the Sunnyside!... Gary