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Posted By: M.Ted
24-Oct-03 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: Ukulele string diameters, please?
Subject: RE: Ukelele string diameters, please?
Dave, I was fishing for that offer;-)

I play my tenor in the tuning that I mentioned above, and the Hawaiian players that I have run into tend to do it that way as well, though I have heard it described distainfully as "Lazy Left Coast Tuning"--Some ukes sound better tuned higher or lower--if I tuned my down to where you are, it would sound pretty dead--There are certainly other tunings that are used-- ADF#B was used by Roy Smeck, who wrote a lot of uke books, and is still used by people who play in his style--I know that George Formby used several different tunings so that he could sing in different keys without playing in closed position(a daunting task on his instrument).   I tune my little soprano ukes to the D because they are brighter sounding(my tenor is koa, but with a spruce top, so it has a softer sound).

Here is a good link with about an hour's worth of great uke music from old 78's-
Antique Phonograph Music Program Ukulele Show