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Posted By: Bassic
13-Oct-03 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Fighting fair in arguments
Subject: RE: BS: Fighting fair in arguments
For me there are two forms of argument. Argument for sport, which I rarely do, and argument that allows me to learn or sometimes teach. I frequently find that one becomes the other, when I think I am teaching I end up learning and visa versa.

I rarely argue for sport unless it is with someone I know well and I can "read" the signs of body language etc. which tells me that the other person is in a similar "sporting" frame of mind and not taking things personally.

On the rare occasions I have attacked some ones arguments or statements on the Mudcat it has usually been because they have attacked someone else who`s opinions I respect or have made unpleasant or unjustified statements about someone or something I admire. On those occasions I usually regret my responses, not because I have necessarily been wrong, but because I have usually found the other person to have other "issues" at work which prevent any rational discussion of their statements and prevent any "learning" taking place on either side.

I thoroughly enjoy discussing "stuff", especially with the with intelligent and informed people of Mudcat land :-), and explaining my views to other people who might be interested. It helps me grow to have my views intelligently challenged and keeps what little intellect I have alive and adapting to a changing world. Hopefully, from time to time, I do the same for others.

I strongly dislike pointless "mudslinging", to me it is just bullying by another name. And for me, spelling and the like are irrelevant on a site like this unless they lead to a serious misunderstanding, which hardly ever seems to happen. An interesting and real issue on the Mudcat McG, thanks for opening it up.