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Posted By: Sir Roger de Beverley
13-Oct-03 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: News from East Yorks N Lincs
Subject: RE: News from East Yorks N Lincs
As I said earlier, there is no immediate panic since Steve at least six weeks and maybe months before they get anyone to take over the lease. But it does seem a good idea to be prepared if we end having to move.

Steve is leaving essentially because he is losing money - the pub is only anywhere near busy when our sessions and the Sunday night acts are on. For example, last monday he had his regular trad jazz band on and took a grand total of 71 over the bar - take off the cost of the band, the staff wages, rent , rates, electricity, gas, cost of the cleaner etc etc and bear in mind that only 40% of that 71 is his by time you deduct what he pays the pubco for the beer and also the VAT. And, of course, real ales won't keep for long so if they don't sell quickly they have to be thrown away. There is much more profit in selling lager and keg beers, which why so many pubs do that.

The Army museum closing just up the road and also a local Council office closing has killed the lunchtime trade such that Steve has stopped opening before 5pm. Only Tuesday night is busy in the week and that leaves the weekend to carry everything else.

I have only been in Beverley five years but the Sun has changed hands five times in that period. It is too far out of town to attract much passing trade and anyone struggles to make a living in there. I'm sure that Helen and Chris would confirm that.

Steve has given it a brave stab by putting on all the music to attract people in but in the end the economics don't add up.