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Posted By: Bassic
13-Oct-03 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: News from East Yorks N Lincs
Subject: RE: News from East Yorks N Lincs
What!! I go away to Banbury Folk Fest for a few days and the world turns up side down!!!! This is not allowed!

I want a law passing that says that good landlords in good pubs are not allowed to go, EVER!! Any chance of sneaking that in as "guidance" in the Licensing act Eric?? :-)

Lets hope that the new Landlord succumbs to "Sir Rogers" charms and decides to maintain the "Status Quo". In my opinion there are very few pubs in East Yorkshire that are capable of hosting the Sunday session, especially the first Sunday one. The combination of enough room, good beer/food, an appreciative audience and the rite "ambiance" is very difficult to find. The Sun has it, Nellies used to, but I cant think of anywhere else that comes close to these two in the immediate area. All the other possibilities have major disadvantages. Just wish "oddies" was a bit bigger! Any chance of moving back in to the Sun Hellen and Chris? *grin*.

As for the Tuesday session, I think there are a few possibilities, but again, many are outside Beverley or would entail a change from Tuesdays to another night. I have a welcoming venue available on Monday and Wednesday nights in Hessle but I dont want to start another session in Hessle when the Barton and Beverley mid-week sessions are still healthy and the fledge ling Hull club is trying to get off the ground. It would need regulars from both sessions to come along on a reliable basis if a Hessle session is going to be worth doing. However, the offer is there if needed.

As for the Sunday night gigs, if they are making money for the Sun then I hope the new landlord will see it makes sense to continue with them, if they are doing otherwise then unless there is another Landlord who wants to do them primarily for his/her own enjoyment then I have real worries that they may be lost which would be sad.

It is so important to see this kind of music in a "public" venue and not just confined to clubs and festivals. Its one of the best things about the scene in that part of Beverley at the moment, that unsuspecting "joe public" can walk in off the street and be exposed to some terrific music from amateurs and professional performers alike, that just doesn't get into the mass media anymore. Its the best way to convert people to the cause of traditional/folk/blues/jazz etc. How many times have we seen the "double take" on their faces as they walk in, only to find that within minutes, they are getting "up close" and turning up week after week.
I just hope that the changes at the Sun dont result in to much loss. We should all remember that we cant take these gems for granted and when they do surface from time to time, give them our best support of they can disappear and be lost forever. So, everyone clear your diaries and get along to the remaining sessions in the Sun, be ready to support whatever follows on from the current arrangements and "KEEP MUSIC LIVE". (even flamenco!!:-)