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Posted By: Bobert
12-Oct-03 - 09:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Subject: RE: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
"Welfare fraud" is so insigficant that it's nothing more than a joke (lie) played by the right wing. "Yeah, them women show up at the welfare office in their Cadilacs, don't they Bubba?"

"Sure do..."

Another rith winged "Big Lie". They're r4eal good at 'em, ya' know...

Well, what lots of folks don't knoe is that when someone applies for public assistence they are assigned an "eligibility" worker and a "case" worker and the case worker make3sx home visits. Lots of 'em... Now in my 10 years of being a case worker (social worker), during which I mangaed cases of well over 2000 folks, I never had one case of fraud. I didn't see and Cadilacs. What I saw was abject poverty and human suffering. What I saw was a lot of old folks livin' in garages in alleys with a wood stove fir heat and cooking. What I saw was a lot of folks who were mentally ill who lived in various "home for adults" where their entire $300 a month SSI checks went to the caring old ladies who ran them homes... No Caddies... Waht I saw were balck folks living in homes with dirt floors down in Fulton Bottom without electricity or indoor plumbing. No Caddies...

Welfare fraud never existed! No where! Just another right wing Big Lie, which they have gotten down to an art!

I'd like Bubba to live on public assistence for 6 months...

No, forget Bubba, make that Dubya....