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Posted By: Bill D
11-Oct-03 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Fighting fair in arguments
Subject: RE: BS: Fighting fair in arguments
one of the most 'interesting' things about we humans is our ability to look directly at truth and reason and logic--and totally ignore it in an argument...for reasons of self-interest, hormones, family tradition, national makes little difference. It is a VERY rare person who usually follows exactly what neutral (a computer, perhaps?)analysis might suggest. And some issues, of course, simply don't lend themselves to 'solving', so arguments BECOME rhetorical and a test of will rather than reason. And we have 4-5 million years of evolution telling us to WIN, not to be logical ...philosophy & logic & 'fairness' are a pretty recent development, and competition is embedded in the genes when it comes to some problems.
   Did you ever see a Bull Moose in mating season even considering being fair? Or two very hungry babboons with one piece of fruit? We humans are not so very far above those behaviors, we just have the ability to reflect on it.....well, some of us... ;>)