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Posted By: John Hardly
11-Oct-03 - 08:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Fighting fair in arguments
Subject: RE: BS: Fighting fair in arguments
"One thing that I often find irritating in a discussion, whether I'm involved myself, or just looking in on it, is when people are just going for each other's weak points, while brushing aside any weak points in their own case which are brought to light. If you are seriously interested in a topic, rather than in just winning an argument, the useful thing about any argument is the way it can identify your own weak points, so that you can examine them and modify your position as needed."

THAT is a brilliant observation. I have noticed the phenomenon -- even noticed it to be the main strategy for some in discussions. I've often wondered what would be the result if one was to discipline one's self to NOT answer what they think is the obvious weak spot in another -- ESPECIALLY as that weak spot is SO OFTEN not the main point of their arguement -- and instead, really concentrate on responding to the stronger points others make.

Of course, on the other hand, it is tempting to try to shoot down the red herrings as they were brought dishonorably to muddy the waters of a good clear-thinking debate.