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Posted By: John Hardly
10-Oct-03 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Subject: RE: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Neither conservative nor liberal disagree much about welfare for the truly disabled -- maybe about the details of how to manage it, but not the philosophical underpinnings.

So, unless we WANT to argue red herrings, what we are arguing over is welfare given to the capable.

What you described here:
"...welfare offered to help out with childcare for three months only, then reneged on their promise. That really made me want to go out and get knocked up and keep on getting those welfare checks, oh yeah, for sure! It was awfully discouraging getting slapped down a the system that supposedly was there to help one get on one's feet."

...doesn't seem to argue against my point as much as reinforce it -- the implication being, you are describing a system that did not provide. Had it provided, your choices may have been different. If it had provided childcare and a check for an indefinite period, what would have been the necessity to get off of it?

Should welfare provide a comfortable lifestyle?