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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
09-Oct-03 - 11:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Subject: RE: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
akenaton -
if you look into history you will see that - even in recent history where we even have surviving documentary film - if enough starving men get together, things turn nasty.

So what famous US General disobeyed Presidental orders and shot up and burnt the camp of the ex-WW1 soldiers just trying to get the small amount of money that they had been promised?

Also the 1930's really frightened teh rich - with the large number of men on the streets in soup-lines, things looked bad in the daily film-news clips.

The Political juggling trick is to guess just how little you have to pay while accusing them of being "spongers" - the Autralian Govt has added the neat trick of legally (well, according to the law of the land - set up by the Government!) fudging the unemployment figures by doing neat tricks as

I've had my payment delayed or cuttoff wrongfully without any reason given about seven or 8 times since 1996. And the cute trick is that Centrelink then tells any politician that you complain to, that they can't tell the politicians the reason because of "The Privacy Act".

I wrote some Stuff "What a Friend we have in Johnny", that mentions some of this.

An aussie took a can of petrol and matches into a Centrelink office here a while ago, and made much excitement.

Standing in line in the office can be quite stressful, even for us in line: regularly, some one freaks out and starts swearing and cursing...