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Posted By: Bardford
09-Oct-03 - 12:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
Being a lazy procrastinator, I've cut and pasted my info from last year, with some modifications.

1. what is your age range? Closer to fifty than thirty. Holy smokes! Looking at that in print certainly increases my mortality
awareness.But then again, I am also closer to 45 than 40, so now I feel better. Not.

2. gender? I'm a boy, but my mom won't admit it.

3. Do you have a favorite color? I like them all, in the right context.

4. favorite authors/ type of book? Mostly everything,'cept SF/fantasy and Harlequin.

5. what books have you really been wanting? You know, whenever I see "A Timeless Way of Building" by Christopher Alexander et al,
or "A Pattern Language" by ditto, I want them. But,I never pay full price for books, and those are very pricey books. Also currently
looking for international folk song music for children. And fiddle tunes.

6. what type of music do you like? Mostly everything, 'cept folk and blues. Ha ha ho ho hee hee. Just kidding. Mostly everything, 'cept
the new big hat country stuff and top forty stuff; and some of the rap and techno/dance/old school/hiphop stuff eludes me.

7. what cds have you really been wanting? none, really.

8. What movies (vhs is in the price range) have you been wnting? none. Unless "3D Prison Girls" is still in print. But I'll wait till I get a DVD player for this one.

9. what is your t-shirt size? I like XL, cause they will shrink. Something in a bell bottom would work. Does Arrow have a reverse taper dress shirt?

10. do you collect anything? if so, what? I collect foggy memories and disappointments. The tatterered remnants of questionable life
choices hang from the cloak that is my life like, um, tattered remnants from a cloak.

11. what are some of your other hobbies? I'm (STILL)learning the fiddle and guitar. Sometimes I rescue old snapshots from antique stores. Genealogy. Photography. Kayaking. Asking my cat who her favourite Scottish fiddler is - "Gow"

12. do you prefer gold-tone or silver-tone jewelry? Not much of a jewelry fella.

13. please include anything else you feel is important that would help your secret santa know what you would like. I'm interested in
your locale/geography/landscape. Where is home? What makes it so? What distinguishes it? What is important? Historically significant?
What is there about the place that I will not find out on the internet? What would you write/sing/paint about if you were given a grant? What can be found where you live that would not be available where I live? If I sent you a disposable camera to use and send back to me, film unprocessed, what would you photograph? Got a local newspaper? Something wrapped in that would be fine. Except haddock, unless the haddock is Fed-exed.

Happy Christmas Santa,