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Posted By: JenEllen
07-Oct-03 - 12:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
Cut'n'paste from the last one 'cuz I'm lazy....*bg* (thanks CP for shouldering this again!)

Dear Santa:
I'm easy (don't let it get around). As far as Mudcat goes, I've been the delighted recipient of poems, songs and stories, a few books and a wonderful handmade bookmark, music, movies, a bottle of mexican liquor in the shape of a naked woman and the finest margarita mix on earth, and on one glorious occasion; a big box of rocks. The things themselves are precious enough, but the real joy is in the story of where they came from, and the person who sent them. That being said:
1. Age: 31
2. Gender: as girl as girl can be
3. Favorite color: dark blues and earth colours
4. Favorite books: poetry and non-fiction, in fiction: anything but sci-fi and romance.
5. Wanted books: oh, anything with a cover and pages...
6. Favorite music: Chanteys/OldTime/Bluegrass
7. Wanted cd's: nothing springs to mind, all is good
8. Wanted movies: none in particular, not much of a video person really
9. T-shirt size: Large
10. Collections: besides the mud on the floor and the cat hair on the sofa? ceramic bread bowls
11. Hobbies: art, reading/writing, cooking, hiking, gardening and watching the wildlife
12. Jewelry: if I wear any at all it is small and silver.
13. Other: for any of the English Santas, I can't say as I'd turn down tea...*g*