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Posted By: PageOfCups
06-Oct-03 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
1. what is your age range?

2. gender?

3. Do you have a favorite color?
        blues (especially dark) and purples (likewise)

4. favorite authors/ type of book?
        I'll read darn near anything, though I lean more toward non-fiction right now.   Irish history/culture, historical disasters, and biographies are my favorites. Books on the US Civil War are also good, especially offbeat topics like disguised female soldiers, ghosts/spooky stories, etc. Oh, and I'm studying American Sign Language with a view to becoming an interpreter, so anything on ASL or Deaf culture interests me.

5. what books have you really been wanting?
        "Triangle: the fire that changed America" by Von Drehle; the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (can't hurt to ask, can it?); "Veronica Guerin" by O'Reilly.

6. what type of music do you like?
        Irish/Celtic, folk, you know - Mudcat stuff. I'm big on soundtracks, too.

7. what cds have you really been wanting?
        Nothing more specific than the above, really. If my Secret Santa has a CD, that'd be great! (Be sure to autograph it for me!) Or one or more of the Mudcat CDs for that matter...

8. What movies have you been wanting?
        At this point, I'm a renter more than a purchaser. But silly as it sounds, I'd love a copy of "Finding Nemo."

9. what is your t-shirt size?
        2XL. One X just won't do it.

10. do you collect anything? if so, what?
        Books and CDs. If three of something equals a collection, then salt&pepper shakers (the sillier the better).

11. what are some of your other hobbies?
        Cross-stitch, decoupage, and writing. Supplies for any of them would be great.

12. do you prefer gold-tone or silver-tone jewelry?
        Silver. All silver, all the time.

13. please include anything else you feel is important that would help your secret santa know what you would like
        I'm not big on seasonal Christmas stuff - I either forget to unpack it and bring it out, or it never gets put away. Chocolate is always good. Handmade things are really cool, so don't feel like you have to fight the mall crowds for a prezzie. Something unique to your neck of the woods would be neat, too. (My current woods is San Diego, California.)

... and CapriUni's three questions:

1) Would you prefer a serious or silly gift, or a little bit of both?
        A bit of both. I have a wacky sense of humor if that helps. "Cute" is right out, though: no fluffy         bunnies or Precious Moments stuff, please. Gaakkk!!

2) Is there one post on Mudcat that you particularly like (either from yourself or someone else), or that you think somehow "hits the nail on the head" about something? If so, can you point me to it?
        How about this thread: Music of US Civil War & Irish Immigrants

3) And/or: Is one of your favorites quotes something I can find in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations? And can you point me to it?
        Geez, anything by Mark Twain. My current favorite is: "Supposing is good, but finding out is better." Fits with my being a librarian.