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Posted By: Rustic Rebel
02-Oct-03 - 10:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa Hints - 2003
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa Hints
1. what is your age range? I'm at the age where a younger man looks real good.

2. gender? No, I'm not a pedophile.

3. Do you have a favorite color? I was once told by an ancient old soul that color is the key, only problem was I never found out what it opened...yet. Anyway I like earthy,autumn colors.

4. favorite authors/ type of book? Tom Robbins is my favorite, but I don't usually read fiction.

5. what books have you really been wanting? I have all TR's books but I loaned out Another roadside attraction and never got it back, so I have been searching for that one.

6. what type of music do you like? Blues, contemporary folk, mudcatters, jazz.

7. what cds have you really been wanting? DWDitty (tried for that one on auction, didn't win) and I would like to hear the CD from Chris Rea his latest blues album.

8&9. No movies, I don't wear T-shirts

10.Do I collect anything? Do you know a pack rat when you see one? I do have some collections. Rocks, old kitchen utensils, music books, instruments, clocks, bones and other dead, decayed things, old farm tools, do I really have to go on?

11. Hobbies- I sculpt clay, rock hunter, music maker,garden herbs and veggies.

12. Jewlery- Homemade is good.

13. 13. please include anything else you feel is important that would help your secret santa know what you would like- I like conversation pieces. Anything that is weird, or interesting to look at, or feel, or smell or send your imagination into the realm of another dimension!