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Posted By: Jeri
01-Oct-03 - 07:58 AM
Thread Name: Review: A Mighty Wind Poll
Subject: RE: Review: A Mighty Wind Poll
I'd give it perhaps an 8, simply because there has to be room up at the top just in case something completely blows me away. Perhaps it would have been funnier if any number of possibilities I can think of were developed, but if I'd made the whole movie, it would have maybe gotten close to a 1. I wasn't there, and what's funny to me isn't necessarily funny to anyone else. Guest understands what's funny to the most people - even those who weren't in the 'scene' at the time. A major element in the skill of movie making is self control - what gets left or edited out.

Maybe it would be fun to have a 'Mighty Wind: Write Your Own Scenes' thread.

Ron, I don't think spandex would have worked for me. It wouldn't have been authentic, unless they were doing 1980s folk-rock groups, and I can't really imagine Eugene Levy in tights. Sorry.

Maybe Guest should do a movie about a sci-fi convention. In any case 'geeks who pick apart' whatever are having fun!