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Posted By: Gareth
14-Sep-03 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Yet again - don't weep, organize !!!!

Its the nity grity of politics, making sure your people are registered, that they know when and where to vote, that they know where your candidate is on the ballot paper, or computer screen, getting them to the polls, and checking that the count is fair and square.

Its sitting in the smoky back room, writing, and printing leaflets, addressing envelopes, filling in data bases, telephoning the undecided. Its standing in the rain outside a supermarket, or school handing out leaflets, and watching half of them go straight on to the floor.

It's missing a folk festival, or a weekends sailing, because XYZ want's an area lefleted that week end and it's "Gareth, can you produce one of your specials, please"

It poring over printouts trying to allocate scarce resourses. It's trying to raise the money for the next batch of ink and paper. It's driving a loudspeaker van, with the Tintinitus roaring in your ear knowing that you can't stop and give it up.

Its when your girl/boy friend gives you an ultimatum, the party or me.

Its walking out of the count, having taken a hammering and still smileing.

Hands up all those 'Catters who have taken part in that.

And a small bet says some of the more vocal Bush/Blair critics won't have bothered to give up thier time or get thier hands dirty.

Gareth - A qualified Election Agent.