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Posted By: okthen
13-Sep-03 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Which DVD player to buy?
Subject: RE: Tech: Which DVD player to buy?
McGrath, yeah that's straight up, all DVD rom's start out region free,and you could show 100 region 2 discs no problem then play a region 1 disc and that's one change of region, go back and play region2 and that's two changes. I had a problem along these lines a few months back where I had 4 changes showing with one left so I wanted to set it to region 2 and it wouldn't let me, ended up uninstalling all my DVD software, reinstalling, and then playing the region 2 disc, it accepted it but is now fixed to region2.
I might get a external DVD rom but money is a bit tight at the moment which is another reason I'm not buying region 1 DVDs from Ebay, it's a shame 'cos they are often cheaper (including postage) than over here.
I don't know if non movie DVDs are region free,somehow I don't think it applies.Like I said, there are ways round the region barriers but the download costs money,(about $50 I think)and I could buy a DVD rom for that and just keep it for region 1. I suggest you ask the retailer before you buy. My stand alone DVD player came set to region2 but I changed it HERE but now all the machines I see are multi-region so it doesn't apply but it's still a useful site if you need to switch off the macrovision.
Hope this helps.