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Posted By: Jeremiah McCaw
12-Sep-03 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Johnny Cash passes (1932-2003)
Subject: RE: Obit: Johnny Cash passes
The following was posted on the "Maplepost" newsgroup by Mitch Podolak:

In the fall of 1969 when ABC's Johnny Cash show was about to go from summer replacement to full blast network show, Cash insisted that Pete Seeger be allowed to come on the show. It was a condition of his contract. It was in the the middle of the Vietnam era which coincidentily was not that long from the time of Joe McCarty and ABC had refused to allow Seeger, the "communist peacenik" on other shows. It was a great moment, Cash's summer show had been such a hit with the public that the network bureaucrats were caught between a rock and a hard place simply because they were driven by the love of lucre. If you read his book he says that he tried to speak for "voices that were ignored or suppressed in the entertainment media", to me this was well illustrated when he came out swinging for Pete.
I suppose that when June Carter Cash died a few months ago that I along with lots of other folks kind of worried that Johnny Cash might not be too far behind. In the next couple of days were gonna see and hear thousands of words and deep mourning from the folks in the country music world and well beyond, we'll probably even hear some piss ant right wing arsehole politician pining for the man in black, there is going to be an amazing outpouring of grief. This morning after hearing the news I am distraught as I'm sure many of you are and will be in the days to come.

In sync with the wizardry of his music, Cash was a standup human being who was unafraid to confront stupidity. I always thought that when Cash stood up for Pete, that he had stood up for the rest of us as well...

To which I added this:

As well, when performing at the White House, he was asked by Richard Nixon to do "Okie from Muskokee". Cash declined to do it on the grounds that it was too disrespectful to many Americans of good conscience, whether they were right or wrong.

He has been a most impressive human being, and I feel that the loss of this man truly does diminish us all.