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Posted By: treewind
18-Aug-03 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: Best Folk Club Performers
Subject: RE: Best Folk Club Performers
Not agreeing is one thing. Deliberately perverting the thread against something specific to the original question else is another, as in: someone asks for advice about what sort of guitar to buy and someone else says "get a clarinet"

If you want to talk about something else, start another thread.

I wish some of the posters here would say more about exactly why they enjoy an evening with whoever they recommend. The original message said:
"Who gives a great performance and a memorable evening, and why?
The "why" part of that is an interesting question. The second message in this thread, however seriously you may choose to take it, at least attempted to do that. There is something about a memorable folk club night that has nothing to do with how technically perfect the music was. That's what pulled me into the whole folk music thing in the first place - some sort of magic that happened outside of the performance itself, and why, for example, with a sophisticated classical musical background I could be stunned by the amount of musical feeling that could be expressed by a 1 row melodeon that could only play two chords, or by a singer who wasn't strictly in tune, or by a scratchy fdddle that still made you want to get up and dance.