or Not Know How to Court

A gentleman came to our house
He would not give his name
I knew he came a courting
Although he was ashamed
Oh, although he was ashamed

He moved his chair up by me side
His fancy pleased me well
I thought the spirit moved him
Some handsome tale to tell
Oh, some handsome tale to tell

But there he sat the life long night
And never a word did say
With many a sigh and bitter groan
He ofttimes wished for day
Oh, he ofttimes wished for day

The chickens they began to crow
And daylight did appear
"How do you do, good morning, sir
I'm glad to see you here,
Oh, I'm glad to see you here"

He was weary all the lifelong night
He was weary of his life
Said, "If this is what you call courting, boys,
I'll never take a wife,
Oh, I'll never take a wife"

And when he goes in company
The girls all laugh for sport
Saying, "Yonder goes that ding dang fool
That don't know how to court,
Oh, that don't know how to court"

recorded by Edna Ritchie and Jean Ritchie
filename[ HOWCOURT
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