Out in the cold world and far away from home
Somebody's boy is wandering alone
No one to guide him or keep his footsteps right
Somebody's boy is homeless tonight

cho: Bring back my boy, my wandering boy
Far, far away, wherever he may be
Tell him his mother with faded cheeks and hair
In their old home is waiting him there

Out in the hallway, there stands a vacant chair
There are the shoes my darling used to wear
Empty is the cradle, the one he loved so well
Oh, how I miss him, no human tongue can tell

Well I remember the parting words he said
We'll meet again where no sad tears are shed
There will be no good-byes in that bright land so fair
When done with life, I'll meet you up there

Transcribed from Songs from the Southern Mountains, the Doc Watson Family, 1994
(Sugar Hill Records)
Identified as "traditional."

(Sung by Miss Pauline McCullough, Blue Eye, Mo., June 6, 1938)

Out in this cold world and far away from home,
Somebody's boy is wandering alone,
No one to guide him and keep his footsteps right,
Somebody's boy is homeless tonight.

Bring back to me my wandering boy,
He's all that's left to give me joy,
Tell him his mother, with faded cheeks and hair
Is at the old home, a-waiting for him there.

Oh I'd love to see him, clasp him to my breast,
Gladly I'd close my eyes and be at rest,
There is no other that's left to give me joy,
Bring back to me my wandering boy.

Out in the hallway there stands a vacant chair,
There are the shoes that once he used to wear,
Empty is the cradle that once he loved so well,
Oh how I miss him, there's no one can tell.

How well I remember those parting words he said,
We'll meet up there where no farewell tears are shed,
There'll be no goodbyes in that bright land so fair,
When we're through with life I'll meet you up there.

Oh I'd love to see him and call him my dear,
As in other times once, when he was here,
Although he has wandered in darkness and in sin,
Bring him to me, I'll welcome him in.

SOURCE: Vance Randoplph, Ozark Folksongs, vol. IV, No. 845 [pp. 370-371] (text o
nly, no notes)

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