(Joe Glazer)

You work in the factory all of your life,
Try to provide for your kids and your wife.
When you're too old to produce any more,
They hand you your hat and they show you the door.

cho: You're too old to work, too old to work,
When you're too old to work and too young to die.
Who will take care of you? How'll you get by,
When you're too old to work and too young to die?

You don't ask for favors when your days are through.
You've got a right to what's coming to you!
Your boss gets a pension when he gets too old.
You helped him retire. You're out in the cold.

They put horses to pasture, feed them on hay.
Even machines get retired some day.
Your boss gets a pension when his days are through:
Fat pension for him, brother, nothing for you!

There's no easy answer. There's no easy cure.
Dreaming won't change it. That's one thing for sure!
But, fighting together, we'll get there some day,
And when we have won, you will no longer say,

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